your professional service of broadcasting and receiving professional news!

Our goal is to promote and position your news so that you can make the most of your business communication. We want the media to echo your news to enhance the image of your brand and increase your audience.

Our Philosophy

Media One arises to detect inefficiencies in the information trafficking. On the one hand most organizations do not exploit the content which their activity generates. On the other hand, those who try to exploit this information do not adequately take advantage of current communication channels.

By using this service you can send press releases in an easy and simple way. In turn, any interested individual or content aggregator can receive these press releases in several ways. The distribution, and therefore the reception will be completely segmented by categories.

our Figures

Media One has sent 104343 
press releases

630 press releases
distributed last month

Media One has 36192 
international customers

We segment the distribution
in 127 categories

Our Projects

We continue working on the development of new projects and tools to offer our clients to complement and enrich the distribution of press releases. 

The objective is to facilitate the process both to the users who send communications and to those who receive them, the recipients. These projects are currently under development.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 836279

Our Costumers think

“Media One can be a very useful tool to publicize and position your services and products on the Internet. Its platform is agile, easy to use and affordable for everyone, from start-ups to companies that want to make our news known regularly. “

Chema Martínez, Distintiva

Our Costumers think

“It has helped us to reach all of the world in a short space of time and to have a great impact on the media. The ease with which it is used and the support of its workers in case of doubt.”

Antonio Fidalgo, Fundación Avata

Our Costumers think

“Media One allows us to distribute the content that we generate as an agency in a precise and selective way. In addition, the editorial agreements it has in place allow us to have guaranteed appearances. The process of uploading content is extremely fast and simple and the possibility of including links it helps us with the SEO positioning of our clients. “

Chema Martínez, Distintiva