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What Is Online Reputation?

Online reputation is a complex ecosystem that depends on many elements … and most of them are beyond our control. And yet, the success or failure of our company, or even our individual as professionals, may depend on it.

​The good news is that there are things we can do to improve the online reputation of the brand, starting by understanding in depth what it is and how to manage it.

​We call “online reputation” prestige or esteem about a brand or a person on the internet. It is not completely under the control of this person or organization, since all Internet users can contribute to manufacturing it by providing their comments and opinions.

​To better understand it, we can consider that online reputation is the sum of two complementary aspects:

  • The internal factors, that is, the information that the person or company itself shares about itself and the online actions that it carries out over time.
  • External factors, that is, all the information provided by other users, visitors or consumers.

It is also necessary to differentiate between online reputation and brand image. To begin with, the first refers exclusively to the field of the Internet, while the second extends to all aspects of the relationship between the customer and the brand. But in addition, the control of the brand image is in the company itself (through the messages it disseminates), while reputation always involves aspects that we cannot control.

How to measure online reputation

Online reputation is not a static reality, but a target in constant movement. That’s why, to improve the health of your brand, you are interested in carrying out periodic checks.

​What we are looking for in a digital reputation analysis is to get an idea of the results and conversations around our brand. To do this, we will start from defining a series of keywords, branded and non-branded, that users can search for more information about our products and services.

​For a basic analysis, we can keep the first two pages of Google results and do a search of the selected terms on the main social networks.

​If we want to go deeper, we can hire one of the multiple tools available on the market. Here are five suggestions:

  • BuzzWatcher: this tool has it all, as it is easy to handle, accurate and affordable. Without a doubt, one of the reference solutions for marketers.
  • Easy Social Media Monitoring: this tool allows you to examine the results around a person or a brand on the different social networks. It is not one of the most accurate, but it has the great advantage of being free, which allows us a first approach to the analysis without the need to invest.
  • Synthesio: this tool offers different services, to be configured according to the needs of the company. It allows you to obtain information about customers and followers and measure the return on investment of online marketing actions.
  • BlogMeter: a more premium tool, which offers a lot of information in a very intuitive dashboard. It offers data from all social networks and has a consulting and associated development service. A good solution if you are looking to invest in your reputation in the long term.
  • Brandwatch: an ideal tool for exhaustive analysis and reports, since it allows unlimited access to thousands of conversations on social networks. It also analyzes online news and identifies key conversations around terms of interest.​

Whatever methodology you choose for your online reputation analysis, the essential thing is that you are attentive to collect negative comments and complaints and use them to determine points to improve and actions for it.

Don’t Be Defined by Online Criticism

We monitor what is said about your brand

We monitor what is said about your brand

We build the reputation of your brand

We create and help generate content that speaks positively about your company

We manage reputation crises

At Media One we face any reputation crisisthat may arise

This is how our Online Reputation Agency builds and protects your digital identity

At Media One, as an Online Reputation Agency and the most demanded Digital Services, our main objective is to set a strategy that protects the online reputation of your business. For this we follow our more than proven methodology:

1. We monitor what is said about your brand

The first thing we do is a thorough tracking in which we study in detail what is being said about your brand or company.

3. We build a positive online reputation

We generate quality content that speaks of your company in a positive way and distribute it between channels with a strong authority. In addition, we also check that all the content of your website is being indexed correctly in the search engines.

5. In case of online crisis: we analyze its scope

Because it is not the same that this has been triggered in a portal with little authority as in a well-positioned site in search engines. Whatever the problem, we have an Online Reputation strategy to solve it.

2. We “remove” negative results

We relegate negative comments to less relevant positions in the search for your brand or product if this is the most appropriate option. If the comments are fraudulent or caused by your own competition, we try to establish an amicable agreement and negotiate with the portals to delete them.

4. We keep you informed at all times

As an Online Reputation Agency we understand that for our customers it is important to stay informed of what happens around their brand, so every month we send you a report to check how our online reputation strategy is evolving.This report includes both quantitative data and a quantitative analysis prepared by our team of specialists.

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